Recently, a friend loaned me her copy of the book, All the Light We Cannot See. Since my friend knows how much I like historical fiction, especially books set in the era of WWII, she told me I’d most likely enjoy the book. She was right, and I did. 

Whenever I am introduced to a “new” author and find that I like their style of writing, I look for other books they’ve written. Like finding a restaurant with great food, friendly service and decent prices, you want to keep going back to that “good” deal whether it is an author or a fine place to dine. So, I looked for more books by Anthony Doerr at my local library. Though he’s written a total of six books, my choice was limited to just one, About Grace

There is no guarantee that we will like all the books by the same author equally, because authors grow, change and hone their skills the longer they are in the business of writing. About Grace was written before All the Light We Cannot See and though it held my interest, it did not hold me captive like All the Light We Cannot See. But, when I come across the opportunity to read other Anthony Doerr books, I will not hesitate to give them a try.