January Picks

A recent reader of my blog asked if I’d ever considered writing and posting book reviews. Although I am not keen on the idea of writing reviews, I have toyed with the idea of steering people toward books that I’ve found to be good in some way, for me. So, beginning this month, as well as the next consecutive months, I will post short lists of books that I am currently reading, rereading or simply recommending because I’ve read it in the past. 

I’ve been called an avid reader and I do not deny that I have a big appetite for books. Reading satisfies me. Some books inspire, some entertain, and others cause me to consider thinking about things I’ve never thought about before. In short, reading expands my little world and my small thinking. 

Books That Have Inspired

If you like reading something short, but at the same time gives you a boost for each day, then try any one of these books. I’ve recommended three. 

An old favorite by Oswald Chambers

New to me and a recommendation from a friend.

By Caroline Leaf


Easy, quick yet deeply inspiring.

Take Your Soul to Work

By Erica Brown