August Picks

August Picks

Recommendations for this month include four books: two fictional, a memoir, and a somewhat religious, somewhat inspirational. First, the somewhat religious and inspirational book. 

Although Donald Miller has switched genres and now writes books about marketing, Searching for God Knows What, written in 2004, is a book worth reading. He has a non-traditional perspective of looking at religion which caused me to think more about what I believe and why I believe it. 

Shelter Me, written in 2009, was Juliette Fay’s first novel and the first book I read by this author. She has gone on to write five more. I was immediately caught up with the main character, Janie, who is a young widow with two small children. Grief just about drowns out Janie’s present life and blurs any hope of a happy future. But of course, she finds her way through to the other side of sorrow, but you don’t really know it until the very end of the story.

Emily Giffin, like Juliet Fay, is a new author to me. I was a little surprised that I finished her book, The One & Only.  I couldn’t relate to the main character, Shea, but I was curious to see how she would solve her dilemma of finding true love. The book lends itself to a very good distraction on a hot summer’s day. 

Finally, Dog Flowers, a memoir by Daneille Geller, is a sad, sad story, with hope for happiness. Danielle’s life was a mess beyond my imagination. Both parents are/were alcoholics, a sister who travels down the same path, and Daneille who works hard carving out her own life, one unlike that of her family. She is a candid writer who leaves nothing out of the story.